3 days until bike entries open!

Whilst everyone needs an MA licence to enter and compete in the event, pre-running the track is a different story.

:large_blue_diamond:We have many competitors and teams who visit Alice Springs prior to the event to get to understand the track. Obviously locals do this more often but the same rules apply to all. If you plan to get on a bike and check out the track before race weekend, you must do this on a registered bike (not recreational registration) and must have a motorcycle licence. Why? Because the track weaves in an out of the road reserve and Police patrol sections of the track ahead of the event.

:large_blue_diamond:Its also important that people don’t pre-run at race pace or in a dangerous manner; that would be both exceeding speed limit and could knock you out of the event. Section 13 of the Supplementary Regulations.

:large_blue_diamond:Be aware that anyone undertaking a pre-run has no medical back up like on race weekend and there is a risk of meeting another oncoming vehicle. Tourist often drive off the road to experience a section of the track. Also be mindful and respectful of any of our team doing track repairs or pastoralists working on their properties.

:large_blue_diamond:The Alice Springs Motorcycle Club is holding a ‘Prologue Day’ event at the Finke Start line on Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd May 2021 (Monday being a public Holiday in the Northern Territory). Interstate riders are welcome to participate and practice the Finke Prologue track over a day and a half with Sunday morning reserved for juniors. To find out further details contact the Alice Springs Motorcycle Club via Facebook.