5 days till entries open

Ever wondered how to get a swag, maybe a bag of clothes and some spares to Finke, so you’ve got somewhere to sleep at the overnight stop? There is nothing worse than expecting one of your mates to take your swag to Finke and they forget or worse, get distracted on the way down and camp elsewhere.

:large_blue_diamond:For more than 25 years, the Finke Desert Race Club has arranged for truck transport to ship gear down to Finke for Sunday night and even bring it back. The truck parks opposite the caterers near the toilets in the Race Camp and gear is offloaded for people to collect as they arrive. Its particularly important that swag/bags/tyre be marked with your race number. Incidentally the Club Refuelling is done at the same spot.

:large_blue_diamond:Prepare for very cold overnight temps and in the highly unlikely event of rain, its advisable to roll a tarp up in your swag and bring a few large garbage bags to wear over your gear. Nothing worse than being cold and wet.

:large_blue_diamond:On the Monday morning ahead of the Race Day 2 bike start, you take your gear back to the truck for the return journey. Gear will be dropped back to town on Tuesday morning. More details and cost in Section 5 of the Supplementary Regulations.

:large_blue_diamond:Like the fuel package or two stroke delivery, Gear transport can be purchased after your entry is confirmed; you don’t need to decide by Tuesday 9th February.