6 days until bike entries open

As many of you would be aware, close to 50% of the bike field are first timers each year in the Tatts Finke Desert Race.

One of the topics we are regularly asked about by this group (particularly those travelling solo) is refuelling and what options the Club offers.

:large_blue_diamond: For both 2 and 4 stroke bikes and quads, there is the option of what’s referred to as ‘Club Refuelling’ where you can either purchase a 4 stroke fuel package or the 2 stroke delivery option (these options becomes available after your entry is confirmed). No need to worry about this on the day entries open.

:large_blue_diamond: Club Refuelling for 4 strokes has drums of event provided fuel with the refuelling officials filling you up in order of when you arrive at the signposted fuel stops and at the Finke end. You may have a little wait but you can catch your breath; those refuellers are legends.

:large_blue_diamond: Two strokers are justifiably fussy with their fuel and we will carry their fuel in approved containers to designated fuel stops and Finke.

:large_blue_diamond: Each Club Refuelling location has safety gear, spill kits, fire gear; the works. They operate in a professional manner and are all volunteers.

:large_blue_diamond: More details, locations and price information on are in the Supplementary Regulations at Section 6.