7 days until bike entries open

:large_blue_diamond: Did you know that the Tatts Finke Desert Race has never reached the approved cap of 650 riders. Despite a waitlist over 100 in 2019, there ended up being 612 greeting the starter in Alice Springs in June of which 284 were first time entrants.

:large_blue_diamond: Whilst there will be a surge of entries on Tuesday February 9th and the initial 650 places will likely fill, a waitlist is immediately started and people are listed on the web so they know where they stand.

:large_blue_diamond: As time progresses there will be a group of riders who find themselves needing to withdraw for all manner of reasons including change of work and family circumstances, injury, inability to get holidays or insufficient notice on gaining a spot from the waitlist.

:large_blue_diamond: As people withdraw their entry (by contacting the Finke Office), the prospective competitors on the waitlist start to gain a spot in the field.