All the entry information you require for tomorrow is the following:

🔷First Name

🔷Last Name


🔷Email Address


🔷Date of Birth


🔷How many times you have done Finke before?

🔷Bike Class

🔷Bike Make and Model

🔷Preferred race number

🔷Can you supply your own Mylaps MX Transponder

🔷Valid Credit Card Details

It’s that simple so no need to stress about your bike details, MA licence details and whether or not you want fuel, transport or catering. That comes later. After your entry is confirmed, you will have several months to confirm all the other information.

I’d like to remind everyone about your the race number; unless you were top 20 in 2019, you’re not guaranteed to get the number you want. No need to call the office to explain why a particular number is so important; they will be working flat out all Tuesday on won’t be able to take your call.

Lastly all is not lost if you don’t make the 650 places; we will start a waitlist if we go over and you will be able to see it on line.