Club fuel stops

If you have selected and paid for the Fuel option on your entry form, you will receive an identifying tag to attach to the front of your bike.
Four stroke fuel will be available for you at the following areas (see map):

  • Fuel Stop 1 - 68 kms approx.
  • Fuel Stop 2 - 116 kms approx.
  • Fuel Stop 3 - 172 kms approx.
  • Finke Checkpoint - 226 kms

When you reach the Club Fuel Stop the following procedure applies;

  • Line up at the first available pump.
  • Turn off your ignition. Please note – you will be excluded from the event if you fail to stop the engine prior to refuelling. (as per the 2019 MA Manual of Motorcycle Sport)- Undo your fuel cap.
  • Like petrol station bowsers, there is a cut off trigger.
    Once tank is full, it will automatically cut out.
  • Refit fuel cap.- Start engine.